About The Company

We are a business consulting service located in the San
Francisco Bay area. Our specialty is strengthening your
most valuable asset-your human capital as well as
helping you to drive change that keeps your company
thriving [ex. acting as thought partners & coach for your
executives and management staff]. These essential
tools for business are provided in a variety of ways but
they all have one common thread-to help you increase
your bottom line.

Value, Value Value
We understand that in today's value driven business
culture, both employers and employees face
tremendous pressure. Employers are constantly
struggling to stay on the cutting edge while operating
efficiently and effectively; employees on the other hand,
are equally pressed to demonstrate their value. Some
new employees have as little as a 6-month window to
demonstrate their worth. Aligning ourselves with your
business goals, in the pursuit of growth, we work with
you to maximize your organizational development. To
that end, we can construct and execute a multifaceted
plan for making your company competitive in today's
challenging economy. In business since 1996, Means to
an End has a proven track record for taking executives
and companies across industries to the next level. Using
a mixture of sound business practices while
maintaining strong business values, we help you by
creating solutions for what are increasingly more
complex business problems. Please check out our blog:
A Consultants Chronicles
                   CONTACT US FOR A FREE QUOTE   510-220-0061
CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE: 510-220-0061
HR Consulting, Training,Organizational Development,Communication, & Dispute Resolution
We create solutions
.What Services Can We Provide

We help companies large & small with:
-HR Consulting
-Organizational Development
-Corporate Training
-Communications & Social Media Consulting
-Dispute Resolution/Negotiation
The growth and development of
people is the highest calling of
-Harvey Firestone
What Does 'Means to an End' Mean
We often get the question, ''Why 'Means To An
End' and what does it mean?” In its simplest
terms, the phrase means, 'something done to
achieve something else' so as you can see, it's a
fitting title because while we provide a variety of
services, they all work towards something else:
increasing your bottom line!
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide you with the high quality,
professional services needed to address the
challenges faced by business today in order to help
you to reach your desired goals. One over-riding
commonality is that even in a technologically
advanced society, a company is only as strong as
its people.
We Believe People Matter
People matter. Why? It is often said that the critical foundation of any successful
business is “the unique blend of the people it hires and the people it does business
with,” which is why we work with you in order to help to make your “consulting puzzle
pieces" fit through fostering your company's  HR, organizational development,
communication, & leadership abilities. Together, we help you to retain, train, build up
and sustain your human capital. Follow Ellen Gunty,M.A., the founding owner on Twitter
at @ellengunty.